Loki's Curse - Cameron Lawton 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Ivar, the village Chief Haakon’s son, was struck down by sickness, Haakon fears Ivar will never enter Valhalla and swears a blood oath. Gytha, the village witch, knows it will be a terrible curse but bows to Haakon’s wishes and with the help of Ivar’s childhood friend, Thorkell, sets about bringing Ivar back.

Okkaayy, this is far from a nice sweet read, in fact it is pretty brutal, bloody and dismal and although it has a happy-ish ending it isn’t happily ever after in the romance *snort ‘romance’* stakes. Thorkell desires men, a desire that will get him killed and that desire is pointed at his best friend Ivar, so when Ivar dies Thorkell offers his love and devotion on the chance it will bring him back. But, Ivar is not the same and although Thorkell strikes a deal with Ivar, Ivar is just too wrong to let live.

This is a great little short if you are looking for something that is to the point and brutal and a touch monstrous, with a hint of dread and despair. I really felt like this was more like a horror story with a bit of redemption thrown in at the end. It’s well written and sends a couple of tendrils of dread down your spine as you see what has returned from the dead, especially when poor Thorkell has sworn to deal with what Ivar has become. If you read this expecting a happy sexual love-fest between Thorkell and Ivar, then you will be surprised when it is brutal and to the point and the happiness comes when they return to just friends.

I will recommend this to those who want true love that’s twisted, a touch of horror, despair, and dread, very rough sex and an ending that is happy for Thorkell in his acceptance.