The Kayan's Mage - Jess Buffett 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Sawyer and his twin, Riley, lost their entire family and Guild seven years ago when they were only thirteen, they are approaching their twenty-first birthday when they are betrayed by a friend. Sawyer is brutally attacked when he is rescued by his mate, but can he trust a man who doesn’t tell him the truth? Jake is surprised when he finds the man he rescued is his mate, he knows that there is horror lingering in Sawyer’s past and he tries to prove himself to his mate. When a foe comes back to finish what they started seven years before Jake and Sawyer can only pray that they are strong enough to survive.

This is an incredible beginning to a brand new series from a brand new author. Sawyer has been running with his twin Riley for seven years, hiding and dodging from those that hunt them until they are betrayed by one they call friend. Being rescued by wolf shifters doesn’t create much trust, but finding his mate has Sawyer wanting to believe that he is now safe. Jake is trying to have a relaxing evening with his friends when they come across a young man being attacked, discovering that the man is his mate is shocking but discovering why his mate was attacked means they all have to be on guard. Getting Sawyer to trust him isn’t easy, especially when Jake hides the truth, but danger lurks and they have to pull together to protect their family.

Well, this story is a great start to a series and I can’t wait for other books by Jess Buffett because Riley and Caleb clash right at the end of this story.

I will recommend this story to those that adore paranormal, the past rearing its ugly head, a great storyline, wonderful characters, hot sex, a well-paced mating and a happily ever after.