Ascension - Bailey Bradford 3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Conner has been hanging around McKinton ever since Laine and Sev fell in love, but he is feeling lonely wishing he could somehow find love again, but for a ghost that is impossible, isn’t it? When he starts to notice Ro, Sev’s nephew, he keeps his distance so not to tempt himself because Ro has his whole life to live and he doesn’t need a ghost hanging around. Ro has been fascinated with Conner for years, he has fantasied about the ghost for as long as he can remember, but he knows that Conner would never even notice him even if it was possible to be together, but life has a way of making the impossible possible as Ro and Conner are about to find out.

I have followed this series from the beginning and I had always hoped for Conner to get a story of his own, but I was left feeling sadly disappointed because there was so much sadness throughout the book. How could I be happy for Conner and Ro when my heart bled for Laine and Sev? Conner might have his living friends and his fellow spirits but he still feels alone, having the chance at love that he never thought he would have, he first has to put his own past to rest. Ro makes mistakes when his mother dies and he wallows in grief, but he can’t be too sorry when it brings him the man he has wanted for years.

This story is well written and you feel the grief of Laine and Sev as they deal with one blow after the other. Ro and Conner both deserve the happiness that they find and they make a great couple, their sex is hot and they have a different kind of storyline, but for me I suppose I am just used to a different resolution when it comes to ghost and human love stories and I was unhappy with the amount of grief and devastation it took to give Conner and Ro their happily ever after.

I will recommend this to those who want a different kind of ghost/human love story, of finding a love that neither man thought they would have and a very happy for them ending.