Take Me, Break Me - H.C. Brown 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Reno is still confused over his sexuality, his long-time girlfriend does nothing for him, but the minute Tanner walks into his life he has had to fight his longing for the man. When Tanner tempts him with carnal pleasure Reno gives in, not only to his attraction but to a taste of BDSM as well which Reno welcomes with open arms, but dealing with his family, press and the ghost of Tanner’s dead lover just might be more than he can handle. Tanner has finally found the man who can make him forget his dead lover, but Tanner has to gently ease Reno into his kind of loving. Tanner acts rashly on stage one night and has to help protect Reno from the backlash, but when Tanner receives a package from the past will Reno and Tanner be able to work things out?

This story is a great rock star, BDSM, kink story mixed with insecurity, trust, a touch of danger and two men accepting love and all that it comes with. Reno might have been a rock star for a number of years but he is still only twenty-one, he hasn’t had much experience sexually and women just don’t seem to do it for him, meeting Tanner will rock his world in more ways than one. Tanner makes no bones about his sexuality and his Dom persona, there’s nothing he loves more than having a man bound and flogged and begging for release and now he wants Reno. These two men are spectacular together, their chemistry leaps off the page, you can nearly see the sexual sparks flying between them and it is HOT!

Tanner is a very choosy man, he will accept most subs under his flogger but never into his bed, that he saves for the special subs who he could develop a relationship with and love. Losing his last lover two years ago has left its mark, but he wants a relationship with Reno. Reno has to overcome his inner turmoil and his fear of how his family will react, but that isn’t his only problem because he has to compete with the ghost of Tanner’s dead lover, which leads to Reno being placed in a dangerous situation.

I loved how H.C. Brown has woven this story, Reno and Tanner know each other for a while before the embark on a relationship, Tanner introduces Reno slowly into BDSM and kink and Tanner also holds off for several days before having full sex with Reno. The background setting of problems with Reno’s family and Tanner’s holding his dead lover on a pedestal added in with being in the spotlight is great and they all flow together smoothly, this story is a great combination of BDSM, rock stars and family and friends.

I will recommend this to those who love hot sex, BDSM, rock stars, family drama, fighting for love and a very happy ending.