In The Heart Of Darkness - 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Since the Darkness came the world has fallen to paranormal’s, monsters prey on humans and no one is safe. Devonn is scavenging for food in an abandoned store when Mitch and his group of survivors burst in and disturb a banshee, after fighting for their lives Devonn joins their group. Mitch isn’t sure what to make of the new arrival when the man keeps flirting with him, holding Devonn at arm’s-length seems to be the best idea but Devonn slowly works his charm. The situation for the group begins to become dire as the fae woods are creeping closer to their church every day and a traitor is causing dissent in the group, Mitch is betrayed and finds himself trapped by the fae. Devonn rushes to rescue Mitch, but to save Mitch’s life he has to reveal his own dark secret and it nearly drives them apart. The traitor finally turns on the survivors at the church and it just might kill Mitch and Devonn to rescue the few who escape the traitors clutches.

First things first, the warning is not nearly strong enough, this is a paranormal horror story first and foremost and everything else falls in around that, the violence is bloody and horrific and snaps out of nowhere, the torture is disgusting and if I ever see a rat again I will run screaming in the other direction, [a:C.M. Torrens|4755495|C.M. Torrens|] has a disturbing imagination which gives James Herbert and Stephen King a run for their money. There are many, many things that happen in this book that are horrific and gut churning, so a cast iron stomach is a must.

The storyline is brilliant, the Darkness came out of nowhere and now the paranormals and monsters run amok, human survivors band together as much as possible but the outlook is bleak; especially when some of the monsters can look human. Devonn managed to escape his captivity by taking a soul into him, if he loses that soul he will be back in chains, taking a chance with Mitch gives him brief happiness but Devonn knows his time is running short. Mitch has kept people from getting too close for two reasons, because of his scars and because there is little chance of happiness in this new world. Together they make an interesting relationship and are good together, but in a paranormal horror story anything can happen.

I have to recommend this to those who love paranormal horror, dark fantasy, nasty BDSM and torture, a brief glimpse of happiness and developing love, great characters and an ending that leaves you chomping at the bit for more.