Reynaud's Redemption - Jaxx Steele 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is the sequel to [b:Cam's Best Friend|13459576|Cam's Best Friend |Jaxx Steele||18989767] and they must be read in order. Reynaud is blissfully happy with Cam, but there is something tugging at his subconscious, something that he should recognise. With Cam he returns to his old home, but everything has changed and the place where the council met is long gone but that tugging is persistent. Leaving Cam at home he sets out to find Madame Cousteau the one who is calling to him, but the council has changed and the danger of an enemy is strong, can Reynaud defeat his powerful foe to return to the arms of his beloved Cam?

This story tells Reynaud’s side of things as he heads back to the magical world to see why he is being called. Cam and Reynaud are still deeply in love, but Cam is getting fed up with Reynaud denying there is anything wrong, Reynaud finally admits that he doesn’t know what is wrong but that there is something calling him, Cam offers to take Reynaud back to where he used to live. Reynaud is devastated when he sees the destruction of his former home, but returns days later by himself determined to find the one who calls to him.

Although this is Reynaud’s story some of the book is from Baptiste’s perspective (Baptiste was responsible for Reynaud’s banishment), Baptiste has been biding his time and with the elders all getting close to the end of their time, he becomes power-hungry and resorts to nefarious means to get what he wants. Baptiste is a very nasty character and time hasn’t mellowed him in the least, Reynaud is great although his disregard of Cam is annoying, he didn’t even leave a note, he just disappeared. Cam is much more forgiving than I would have been but he loves Reynaud so it is understandable.

I recommend this to those who love magical paranormal, putting the past to rest, dishing out deserving punishments and a happy ending for Cam and Reynaud.