Fangsters: Clan of the Jersey Boys - Ryan Field 3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Anton lives with his mom and dad and younger brother (who he has a hate/hate relationship with), he is having a secret love affair that if discovered could get him sent to Sicily, and he is about to be induced into the ‘family business’ New Jersey mob, oh and he’s a vampire. Working in a mob owned nightclub brings Leo into his sights and getting to know the sweet human is the first thing he wants to do, becoming involved with Leo could be tricky, but Anton can’t resist. Having his forbidden lover come into the relationship is exciting and brings out a side of Leo Anton hasn’t seen before. Now after an ambush by werewolves who were acting on the orders of a rival mob boss, Anton knows that an all-out war is heading their way. Just as Anton and his secret love decide to tell the truth about their nature to Leo, they are placed in a position of doing something they never wanted to do.

This story combines Italian mobsters with vampires creating an interesting read. Anton belongs to a vampire clan who are also Sicilian mobsters, they control part of New Jersey and Anton’s dad, Angelo, decides it is time for Anton and his cousin Digger to come into the ‘family business’. Anton also embarks on a new relationship which his secret lover becomes jealous of until he gets to know Leo. Problems arise from a rival mob and Anton has to make a choice for Leo that Leo might not like. I loved the mobster vampires and loved how they came to life, they infused the book with colour with their expressive mannerisms and language.

The characters in this story bring to mind larger than life Italian mobsters, Angelo is a slight enigma with his fascination of deer’s, Anton’s brother is a stuck up homophobe, Digger acts like a spoiled brat and has many temper tantrums and Anton is slightly more sophisticated and calm headed than the rest, Leo is a very sweet gentle soul who has a strong moral code. Together they make a good story, and I was really enjoying the story until I got just over half way through and then it went downhill as far as I was concerned, I enjoy BDSM and erotica as much as the next reader, but what I don’t like is consensual abuse and there was no warning at all in any of the sites that I visited concerning this book.

I will be honest in my dislike of Digger, he is the type of man that if you met him once, then you would go out of your way to avoid him, he was spoiled, self-centred and prone to violence at the slightest thing. Anton is a very likeable man and Leo really was very sweet but he changed as well later in the book and he didn’t much resemble the Leo I first met. Some people will really enjoy this story, but for me the lack of warning ruined my enjoyment, I wasn’t prepared for the level of violence during the sex. Consensual violence isn’t for everyone, whips and floggers are far apart from punches and kicks and while I love whips and floggers, punches and kicks make me feel ill.

I will recommend this to those who love paranormal, mobsters, backstabbing rivals, colourful characters, consensual violence and a happy for now ending.