The Unlikely Hero - Beau Schemery 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Celestrian (Trian) has lived with Mother Dragon since he was a small foal, but now it is Mother Dragon’s time to pass and she has some last words of wisdom for the young unicorn; find a Hero to help him look for the last remaining unicorns. Renwald (Ren) wants to be a Hero more than anything, he has read every book he could find on Heroes and adventuring and now he has overextended himself buying two Elven-made Named blades and he owes a lot of gold to the local coin lender. Trian walks into an Inn looking for a Hero and Ren is drinking and contemplating his sorrows together they join up to go on the Quest to find the last unicorns. But, the rumour of a unicorn reaches the ears of Father Denkham who sends an assassin on their trail, but that is the least of their worries as they face bandits, Zombies, Ogres, Trolls and Orcs.

This is a brilliant young adult story that will appeal to high fantasy fans of all ages and who like their Heroes less than perfect. Trian is a wonderful character who has a delightful outlook in life, he also has a trusting nature and believes everything Ren tells him. Ren is a bit of a bumbling Hero, he fumbles with his heroic duty and realises that it is a lot harder than the books say. Together they make a great team who face dangers and discover a love between them that is tested to its limits.

There are many things to enjoy about this book from the characters and the dangers, but I have to admit to enjoying the bumbling ‘Monty Python’ moments best, they were absurd, funny and ridiculous but so suitable to the general feel of the book. Ren isn’t perfect and when Trian crosses his path he seizes the opportunity to take advantage of Trian’s trusting nature, oh he also thinks Trian is insane. Trian knows that they will face possible dangers in their quest to find any other unicorns and thinks he has chosen wisely in his Hero, when he discovers that Ren isn’t as experienced as he claimed accepts that Heroes have to start somewhere.

Ah, this book at times reminded me of my youngest son playing on his Xbox 360, slashing and bashing as he screams at his online friends to grab health packs and dishing out his wisdom with weapon advice. The storyline is great, the flow perfect and the sexual elements we do see are nicely done, just giving us enough so that we know what’s going on even if we don’t get all the detail, it is perfectly done for young adults. The adventure keeps you reading and so does the desperate need to see what Ren is going to do next, Trian is a great character but it is Ren that makes this book special. Although we don’t get a happily ever after at the moment, we are left with hope for the future.

I have to recommend this to those who love high fantasy, young adult, adventure, developing love, great characters and whetting the appetite for further adventures.