The Mystery of Ruby Lode - Scotty Cade 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Warning: Some scenes may upset readers - Near rape and a flash back to child abuse.

Frink, Counter, Hepp and Shull buy a mine together in 1914 but something happens to destroy all their dreams and they mysteriously disappear. 2011 four friends Bowen, Cyrus, Duff and Lockhart love to explore abandoned gold mines, but even before they set off for Ruby Lode mine Duff, a psychic, has a sense of foreboding about the trip. Arriving at Rudy Lode his disquiet deepens as insecurities, fears and hidden secrets are dragged out in the four friends, something doesn’t want them at the Ruby Lode and is trying to drive them away. Duff, Bo, Cy and Lockey must band together to discover the mystery of Ruby Lode and lay the past to rest.

[a:Scotty Cade|4423559|Scotty Cade|] delivers a wonderful slightly spooky story that has a wonderful mix of past and present. The story starts in 1914 with Frink and Counter biding on Rudy Lode, when they are successful in their bid they are approached by the other bidders Hepp and Shull and agree to buy into the mine together as Hepp and Shull have the equipment needed, but things go drastically wrong. Flash forwards to 2011 and we have Cy, Bo, Duff and Lockey about to embark on exploring the Ruby Lode gold mine, but something in the Ruby Lode doesn’t want them there and it delves into each man dragging out secrets and fears. The men have a choice: confront their pasts or be driven from the mine by a spirit that doesn’t want his secret found.

Well, this is the second edition of this story and the original was reviewed by ‘da boss’ Portia, I never even got a sniff in the first time round but now is my chance ;-). The storyline and plot are brilliant, past and present collide when four friends explore Ruby Lode, but that isn’t all this story is about, each friend also has to face their own pasts and are basically psychologically tortured by a nasty spirit who doesn’t want its own past revealed. Friendship comes in many forms and depths and before their journey is over each friend discovers that no matter how close they thought they were or how much they thought they dealt with the past, the truth is harder to bear.

There are several relationships in this story, each beautiful in its own way… well except one where all the trouble stems from. Long-term relationships still going strong and their love unbreakable, still beautiful and passionate. Discovering new love that has been right in front of you, digging beneath the surface and finally laying to rest an old fantasy. All the love scenes are just that love making, sweet, passionate and loving… well nearly all of them are anyway, I will give a warning that there is near rape scene as well.

The characters are very well written and each deals with their past with regret, anger, shock and fear, there are tears shed as they come to terms with what their friends share and there is great support and love. The flashbacks throughout the story are nicely done, but be prepared to be horrified as we have kidnapping, child abuse, bullying and abandonment. Bo, Cy, Duff and Lockey are great friends, but at times I got annoyed with how they seemed to interact, un-needed and unmindful comments and flippancy at friends requests, and they all seemed to do it at one time of another.

I will recommend this to those who love history and the present meeting, a spirit who has a secret to hide, four friends becoming strong, a new found love, a long lasting love, hot sex and a very happy ending.