Inescapable - Mina Kelly 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Jared finds himself in a tough spot when he is cornered by police, but his daring escape plan goes awry when he finds himself handcuffed to his hostage. Richard isn’t amused to find himself kidnapped, but his kidnapper is not at all what he is used to, in fact being magnetically handcuffed to him for a few days could be an adventure. The connection between the two is strong but Jared’s plan B blows up in his face and Richard leaves him the second the cuffs are off. Discovering Richard has been kidnapped again Jared has choices to make. Can Jared risk his freedom to rescue Richard?

This is a great science fiction and opposites attract story throwing in some danger and just a touch of political manoeuvring. Jared is a thief, getting caught in the Field is not an option and his escape plan brings him more trouble than he thought. But spending the escape journey in close quarters to the sexy hostage Richard brings its own opportunity and Jared just might regret it. Richard is an important person, when he is kidnapped he uses it as an opportunity to shake off the restrictions in his life and his unusual kidnapper has piqued his interest. Both men take the opportunity that fate has handed them, but problems arise when Jared’s plan B is discovered and Richard is snatched in a bid to start a war.

I quite enjoyed this story with its opposites attract and science fiction setting, both Richard and Jared are great characters who connect even though they are both completely different. The development of their relationship is fast and, at first, quite surprising considering the circumstances. The sex between them is detailed and quite erotic and adventurous, and their feelings for each other shine through and both their actions show it clearly. The storyline is great and the settings interesting, the detail and imagination that goes into them gives you a glimpse of what could be, the way that even though Richard is rich just simple fresh fruit and vegetables thrills him, while Jared is more blasé because he has them more often. I loved the way that Jared was willing to give everything up for Richard and that Richard would do anything to make sure Jared was safe, true love on both sides.

I will recommend this to those who love science fiction, opposites attracting, hot sex, potential rebel manoeuvring, danger, daring escapes, daring rescues, forgiving idiotic plans and a very happy ending.