Off Stage: Right - Jaime Samms 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Damian (Trevor) is the singer for grunge band Firefly, being treated unfairly by their agent has Damian striking a deal with Stanley, the best agent in the business. But, getting out of his current contract is harder than Damian hoped and after paying the way out of his bandmates contracts he has to accept the offer of Stan’s friend Vance, a country and western superstar, to help him buy out his own contract. Tensions are high in the band though and Damian’s volatile relationship with Lenny, Firefly’s lead guitarist, is heading for destruction. As pressure mounts Damian turns to drink, drugs and anonymous sex and Stan takes the reins of control for Damian, and Vance steps in to take control of Lenny.

When a sub needs to give up control they need a strong hand to guide them, but what happens when the person you want to take control is also a sub? Damian and Lenny love each other, but they can never have what they truly want because neither is strong enough to take control. It affects them both in different ways and it takes interference from outside the band in the shape of agent Stan and his friend Vance for the destruction to break its cycle. Stan and Vance have had been on and off lovers for years, but Stan can’t be a sub for Vance, he has too much Dom in him for that. Vance has his eyes on Lenny and whisks him away when Lenny’s relationship with Damian goes too far, Stan takes Damian in hand and begins to give Damian some of what he needs.

Although Damian/Trevor, Lenny, Stan and Vance are the main couples in this story, the storyline focuses on Damian and Stan and in a smaller part Vance and Lenny. Stan is just what Damian needs, he isn’t a whips and flogger type of Dom, but he is more a control, structure and rules type of person, he also doesn’t take the relationship too far, giving Damian room to heal before embarking into a sexual relationship. Although we see a bit of what is going on between Vance and Lenny we have no clue what is happening between them, I can only hope that Jaime Samms will give us their full story.

All the characters in this book are great, you have divided feelings as you read what is happening and the truth begins to unfold. There is hot scorching sex between Vance and Stan, a nice touch of D/s between Vance and Lenny and some spectacular loving between Stan and Damian. This storyline is really good and you become invested in Damian as he finds himself without the booze, drugs and sex, you want Stan to succeed as the strong guiding hand although Stan himself has his own doubts. The things going on with Lenny are harder to see, mainly because he has become so good at hiding and making himself the victim, I began to resent him for dumping everything on Damian’s shoulders and leaving him to pick up the pieces.

I recommend this story to those who love damaged young men, finding what you long for, a touch of D/s, a controlling Dom, a mess up sub, some really hot sex and a happy ending for Damian and Stan.