Covet Thy Neighbor - Jessica Frost 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Nicola is asked to go on an unofficial undercover assignment as his first job back after taking a six-month leave following the brutal murder of his sister. All Nicola has to do is befriend erotic romance writer Nero Thorn and do a little digging to see if he has any connection to a series of killings. When Nero bumps into his new neighbour, Nicola, he feels an instant attraction but he can also tell Nicola isn’t telling the whole truth, but then Nero is also hiding a dark secret. Getting involved with charismatic Nero isn’t part of Nicola’s plan but he can’t resist the sexy man, but with the serial killer still loose, Nicola has to decide if his judgement has been compromised or if he can truly trust his instinct about the mysterious Nero.

This is quite a good mystery story that has an interesting paranormal twist. Nero has secrets in his past, it’s a door he closed many years before, but he knows that he will have to tell Nicola if they are going to stay together, but first he has to deal with the shocking truth about Nicola first. Nicola finds himself in deep when he goes undercover, he begins to fall for the suspect Nero, never realising that the secret that Nero has is more shocking than anything he could have thought of. With the killer still on the loose and still hunting for victims Nicola has to keep his head in the game, is Nero just an author whose muse guided him to write a murder that came true or is he a psychopath who takes pleasure in murder?

I actually really enjoyed this story until near the end, I was really into the characters of Nicola and Nero, and I found them both really interesting. Nicola has suffered from both loss and guilt, Nero has suffered the same years before, and both men connect on a level which has sparks flying between them. Nero’s first secret was really interesting and fit perfectly into the story, adding to the touch of mystery and intriguing me. The storyline keeps you reading as you try to determine who the serial killer is, Nero and Nicola keep it spicy and yeah while you have to suspend belief over the police investigation it is still interesting.

Now I will be honest and say the ending was rushed, unbelievable and wasn’t needed. The second secret that Nero had wasn’t needed in the least and really it nearly ruined the book for me, the way that Nicola reacted was unbelievable and the story should have finished without the big revelation. The author should have just left it with Nero forgiving Nicola and them having hot sex, because the ending really was rubbish; that paranormal revelation wasn’t needed in the least and nearly ruined everything that had come before. Don’t get me wrong, I really did enjoy this story and I was going to give it a higher rating until I got to those last few pages, the ending revelation was just unneeded.

I will recommend this to those that love paranormal/psychic abilities, hot great characters, an interesting storyline and a happy ending.