Relay for Life - Jana Downs 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Andrew is a runner preparing for the most intense run of his life, a fifty-two mile run through the wilds for his sponsors Deadzone. Andrew has had a crush on Marcel since he joined Andrew’s run security team but Marcel only seems to see him as a brother. Marcel has wanted Andrew for years but has always been reserved, but now with Andrew missing Marcel is determined to tell him how he feels when they find him. Matthew volunteers to be a member of a small team sent in to find one of the most famous athletes of their time, finding himself attracted to his fellow rescuer Marcel he has no qualms in letting the man know he is interested. Finding himself also attracted to Andrew, Matthew makes it his mission to get Marcel and Andrew to accept how they feel and all three find what they have been missing. But, getting out of the wilds is dangerous, especially when they uncover a government secret, can the three men protect their newfound love?

This story is a great addition to the Deadzone series giving us a mysterious government conspiracy and the love of three men. Andrew lives to run, it is what he is good at and he loves it. Marcel works as a field agent at Deadzone, his first assignment was for the run team and he has stuck with it ever since. Matthew worked for SCAB, but after a traumatic assignment he isn’t sure what he will do next. The three men come together when Andrew’s run goes horrible wrong and he is running for his life in an area overwhelmed by zombies. Andrew, Marcel and Matthew make a startling discovery as they make their escape, a discovery UFM doesn’t want to get out.

Although this story still has zombies, chases, escapes and new discoveries, it is mainly focused on the relationship between Andrew, Marcel and Matthew. As they explore their new love and relationship they also discover where they fit together in the relationship, Matthew and Andrew have to put their fears to rest. Marcel is the most well-balanced and is a calm influence who will push his men when needed, Matthew is losing himself to depression when his dad disappears and he is unable to get a job and Andrew has a fear of crowds and prefers his solitude life, although he opens up enough for his two lovers to share his life.

I really enjoyed this story and its new discoveries, the characters are excellent and I found their relationship to be loving, with just a few difficulties thrown in to shake it up a bit. The storyline moved well and I liked that they had normal worries like finding a job to think of, their relationship slotted together perfectly and while they were in the wilds they had some really hot sex that only gives you a slight niggle about appropriate places, the support they showed each other was wonderful and I was happy that they waited before declaring their love. I really can’t wait for future stories from Deadzone because the discoveries that are made are really tantalising and have really got me intrigued.

I will recommend this to those who love threesomes, zombies, chases, hunting, government secrets, hot sex, great characters and a very happy ending.