Adversary and Endeavour - Holly Meadowes 3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Kahlil is being charged with sexual misconduct, a charge that could finish his career in the British Navy. With the Navy prosecution determined to find him guilty, they look into Kahlil’s past to the ex-husband, but Eammon has sworn never to reveal why Kahlil divorced him. Kahlil and Eammon come face-to-face for the first time in three years both of them filled with regret over their failed marriage. Eammon wants to confess the truth behind the divorce but Kahlil won’t let him, can Eammon save Kahlil’s career and convince Kahlil that he still loves him?

I really liked the storyline to this story and found that I also liked the mystery behind the divorce and Kahlil’s determination to protect Eammon from his own actions. Kahlil is a very upstanding man, he would rather suffer than have his ex-husband’s character harmed because no matter how he would have hoped otherwise, he still loves Eammon. Eammon would rather the truth come out than have Kahlil fall on his sword, but he promised he would never reveal why they divorced, now he is torn because no matter what happened or how many years have passed he still loves Kahlil.

This story is well written for the Navy investigation and the story does focus on that mainly, and the relationship between Eammon and Kahlil is very strained until right near the end and it is more a happy for now ending, with a feel of ‘we will try this again’ feel to it. The sex between them is hot but they still have a long way to go before they are happy, this is definitely a new beginnings type story with a good dose of forgiveness and remorse thrown in. There is cheating that is spoken of, but it wasn’t on page and both Eammon and Kahlil paid the price for it. Although I did like this story it did feel stilted and Eammon and Kahlil’s reuniting felt more like an afterthought.

I will recommend this to those who love Navy investigations, honour, forgiveness, remorse, new beginnings, hot sex and a happy for now ending.