Voyeur - Piper Whitney 2 1/2 - 3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Gage has worked hard to get Voyeur off the ground with his friend Ben, now they are finally opening the exclusive nightclub. Employing the young man who walks in off the street is an impulse, an impulse driven by Gage’s wish to bed him, but what he wants from Chi soon changes when he becomes jealous. Chi hasn’t been in town that long so he jumps at the chance to work at Voyeur, getting involved with Gage is not his brightest idea, especially when his ex refuses to let him go.

This book is great for a quick easy shifter read. Gage likes playing the field, after being in a long term relationship, he still doesn’t feel ready to try permanent again. Opening Voyeur is a dream of his, a place where you can enjoy voyeurism in all its forms, while having a good time with friends. When he employs Chi he has no idea what awaits him with the sexy young man. Chi left his home and family to get away from a controlling relationship, when he meets Gage Chi has the chance to be himself and after a rocky start Gage and Chi begin to dream of more, but Chi’s past won’t let him go and Gage’s life is in danger.

This is quite a good story that has a strong relationship developing between Gage and Chi, but I found that the shifter part was a hard part of the story to swallow. Chi is a great character, he has strong views of what he wants and doesn’t like to play games. Gage thinks he knows what he wants but meeting Chi throws him, discovering the truth about Chi shocks and scares him. Their relationship is very hot and sexual but there is a slight touch of the unknown as they fumble with what they both want and what they can have.

Although I liked this story it didn’t quite feel right for me, there was just something that made it awkward and Chi’s behaviour wasn’t always consistent. The shifter part was cloaked in quite a bit of mystery and although I would love to say that it made it more interesting well it didn’t and the way that Chi resolved the issue wasn’t realistic to the story even if he was defending the man he loved. Gage’s reaction to Chi’s secrets was brilliantly done and I did like how Gage and Chi’s relationship developed and how they were together.

I will recommend this to those who love new beginnings, finding love when least expecting it, hot sex, shifters, a touch of kink, a touch of danger and a very happy ending.