The Carpenter and the Actor - R.J. Scott 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Jason is a popular actor who suffered the loss of his younger brother, nearing the anniversary he flees to Ellery Mountain for the anonymity and peace he hopes to find. Hiding out in the cabins he comes across sexy handyman Kieran, who disturbs him more than he should, taking a chance he acts on his attraction. But, he’s an actor from LA while Kieran is a carpenter from Ellery, can he really hope for more than a fling? Kieran wants more than just a fling but will take what he can get, helping Jason deal with his past shows him Jason is more than just an actor, but can long distance work?

This third instalment to Ellery Mountain is cute Kieran’s story, and what a little spitfire he is. Jason is an actor who lost his brother to a car crash, he feels guilty and blames himself, Jason is hounded by the press as secrets about his brother come out and now with the anniversary of his death looming Jason flees to the one place where the press will never look; Ellery. Kieran is surprised to discover a guest in one of the cabins, but it isn’t long before he hits it off with Jason.

Kieran and Jason are a fantastic couple, even with them both knowing that Jason is only around for a short time, they embrace what they can in the short time they have together. Kieran has a slight complex, he’s short blond and his mouth runs away with itself. Jason is perfect for Kieran although he makes a couple of mistakes, Kieran helps Jason through a hard time and they have to admit what they really want before they both make a mistake. The sex between them is really hot and Kieran really shows us his true self in those moments, both men are incredible together. The storyline moves swiftly and smoothly, there’s no real angst except two men refusing to acknowledge what they want from each other and I thought it was really well written, I liked how they resolved their relationship and that they gave it a go even though they are both from different worlds.

I will recommend this to those who love stories of finding love in unexpected places, different worlds coming together, hot men having hot sex and a very happily ever after.