The Lost Dragon - Drako 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Andreas has served his father, the Black Dragon God, for thousands of years enforcing the laws for all paranormals. When his father asks him to protect a human from the vampires little does he know what he is about to walk into, as a vampire attempts to resurrect Cronus Andreas is made guardian to his twin nephews who also become targets and with gods causing trouble Andreas past comes into play and Andreas has a choice to make, his loyalty to his father and God or his love for his soul mate.

This is a fantastic fantasy world that immerses us in the world of Gods, Goddesses and paranormals. Andreas held his lover Kazarian in his arms as he died on the battlefield among the Spartans, only to have Ares appear before him, seconds too late to save Kazarian, but not too late to save Andreas from a similar fate because he is the son of the Black Dragon God Jarel. Now in this modern age he serves his father enforcing his laws, but there is an attempt to resurrect Cronus and overthrow Zeus, and Andreas is called upon to guard a mortal and his nephews to prevent it from happening. But the conspirators play dirty trying to force Andreas to do their bidding, but they also make a mistake by showing the involvement of a god or goddess.

I really enjoyed this story of mythical gods and goddesses and the world they live in, Andreas is only one of the main characters in this book with each character bringing a bit of their own story to the table weaving together a wonderful fantasy that has veiled hints for future couples, uncovers a conspiracy and is a touch violent. This is a well written story that draws you in feeding you bits and pieces and making you long for more. There are many characters that you get to know and you begin to wonder what their stories will be. Brandon, Demun, Vic, Apollo, Adonis and Odele along with Jarel, Andreas and Kazarian make this book vastly interesting.

While we don’t get the chance to see much of Andreas and Kazarian together because of the flow of the storyline, the time they do get together is incredible and when they come together in passion it is wonderful and passionate. There’s action and danger that is well described and fits perfectly into the story, the paranormal powers aren’t overused and it actually adds more to the story because of that. Drako has created a world that I want to know more about and although I personally don’t like M/F, I will still be reading the other books in this series because I need to know what happens next with Jarel and Zeus.

I recommend this book if you love paranormal, fantasy, battles and fights, tastefully placed humour, some fantastic love making, great characters, a wonderful storyline and an ending that is happy for Andreas and Kazarian, but leaves you wanting the stories of other characters.