Serpent vs Serpent - Patrick Wendling-Markwell 3 - 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Nicholas is the crown prince of the snake shifters, he is surprised when he is approached by the dragon crown prince Edward for aid, snake and dragon shifters think each other inferior so for a dragon to hunt out a snake for aid is extremely rare. When Nicholas gives Edward a place to stay they rapidly fall in love and they decide to mate, but tensions run high in their kingdoms when their fathers’ find out, now it’s a race against time to complete the mating ritual before their fathers destroy each other.

This is a great story to read if you are looking for a sexually charged shifter story. Nicholas and Edward make a very sexual and hot couple, they fit together like two halves of a whole even though they are different species. The storyline is interesting with its tension and arrogance between the species, the role that Mother Nature plays and Nicholas and Edward’s determination to stay together no matter what. The sexual descriptions are down and dirty, rough and passionate, there is no tender loving just passionate sex including some dragon tail loving.

There are a couple of times that you have niggles, like they fell in love really quick or you felt the sex was at an inappropriate time, but the author addresses these issues quite nicely each time and with humour in some places. The writing becomes stilted and more formal at times but that is when the characters seem to be addressing us, the readers, in explanation. There are some characters that we meet that will be in future books and the storyline will follow on with the uniting of the different species.

I will recommend this story to those that want a hot shifter sex fix, explicit sex, interesting characters, a hot foursome, finding surprising love and a very happy hot ending.