Evolution - Sam Kadence 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Genesis (Gene) only wants to sing with his band Evolution, he doesn’t care about fame and fortune just the music. When Gene hits a man with his car he is shocked to discover it is retired rock star Kerstrande (KC) and his life is about to get even more out of control. Seeing ghosts and people’s auras, and dreaming of graveyards is the norm for Gene but being the chew toy for vampires isn’t. Being attracted to Kerstrande Gene refuses to let Kerstrande push him away, and Gene is dragged into the paranormal world that he has always ignored. Kerstrande thinks Gene only wants him for the riches and power that he possesses, but his own pull towards the young man won’t let him walk away. Having to confront old friends to keep Gene safe and fighting his own past demons Kerstrande has to accept Gene means more to him than he wanted him too.

This is quite a good fantasy novel from a first time published author. Gene is different from most people… he can see and speak to ghosts, he can also see the auras of people and read their moods and Gene is about to discover that he is even more different than he thought. KC is a retired rock star, he’s also a vampire in hiding and one with a dark past. When KC and Gene collide it is the beginning of a reluctant relationship laced with bitterness and resentment before blooming into more.

The storyline is one where you learn as you go, we slowly discover the paranormal beings, we piece together what is happening with Gene and what he is becoming and watch as Gene and KC struggle to find balance in their relationship. I must admit I began to like Gene a hell of a lot more when he started to stand up for himself instead of letting people walk all over him, some of his so called friends were just manipulative but some of them were real gems like Cris. KC has been used and manipulated in the past so he is very wary of Gene, pushing him away with his nasty attitude. Gene won’t give up though until he has cracked KC’s shell though.

I will admit that while I liked this story I found it to be a bit creepy as well. Gene is seventeen and by his own admission has been sexually active for a couple of years, and what I found creepy was that although some of the men he slept with looked the same age they were much older. What I liked about this book was the paranormal aspect and the strange relationship between Gene and KC, the paranormals are known to humans and there are laws in place and there’s even a group called Preservation Group who want to wipe out the paranormals. The vampires have their good and bad, there’s an incubus and maybe a demon, it is all really vague and mysterious and you keep hoping something more will be revealed. I will also add a warning here that there is a near rape scene and some scenes of apparent orgies.

I will recommend this story to those that love paranormal, young adult, danger, discovery, a strange relationship and an ending that could mean there’s more to follow.