Always Been You - Jess Buffett 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Seth returns to his hometown eleven years after having his heart broken by his high school crush. Now he’s starting a new life with his children and starting up his new bakery, when his long ago crush walks back into his life. Jared never understood why Seth left him behind and now he has the chance to make Seth his, but first they have to put the past to rest and sort out misunderstandings. But someone doesn’t want them to be together and sets out to tear them apart, can Jared convince Seth to stick around and fight for their love?

This is a great story of two young men who were driven apart by malicious friends, and then reuniting years later to discover love. Seth has been through hell, returning to his hometown with his children is the only thing he wants to do, but running into the man who broke his heart years before isn’t something he needed on his first day. Jared is excited that Seth has come home, he is determined to make Seth his and getting to the bottom of why Seth ran all those years ago is the first step. Jared is a very confident man, although he hid a part of himself when Seth left him, but after learning that Seth was injured Jared finally admitted to everyone what he really wanted and now he sets out to get it. Seth is a much more unsure character, he was ridiculed in school and then was hurt by Jared, so he is still sore years later. Add that to his recent loss and brush with death he does get emotional when those close to him are threatened.

Both characters are great and although at first there is some angst between them, they both recover quickly and dive into a rekindling of their feelings for each other. The relationship develops quickly and is both hot and loving, the children are sweet and cheeky and extended family wonderful. The storyline is good with a touch of malicious mischief, threats and a very unstable woman. I really liked how the story played out and I understood Seth’s reactions to the threats he received, I know some people don’t like crying men, but it really fits with the circumstances and wasn’t over the top.

I will recommend this to those who love reuniting high school crushes, an unstable threat, danger, hot sex, settling the past and a very happy ending.