Dragon Games - Sage Marlowe, Karly Maddison 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Ash has had his confidence bashed by his ex-boyfriend, now he can only really let himself go when he is playing games in the online world and when he connects online with another character he wishes he could get to know him more. And then there is also the sexy baker across the road who caught his eye but Ash just can’t see the baker ever being serious about him. Jayden has started anew in a new town, his past experience with an ex-boyfriend also haunts him and although he has had some hook ups he is drawn to the sexy guy in the antiques store across the road who won’t give him the time of day, so he relies on his online friendship with a dragon who intrigues him.

This is a great story about two men who have both had their confidence bashed by their ex-boyfriends, they both have their own ways of dealing with it, but they are both vulnerable to how others see and treat them. Ash has crawled into his shell and rarely leaves it, his view of himself is skewered and he has no social skills to speak of. Jayden was stripped bare by his ex, and although he still tries to be confident the slightest knock sends him running for something sweet and chocolaty to eat.

I enjoyed this story as we see Jayden and Ash meeting in cyber space unaware of who their new friend is and then out in the real world as both characters lust after the other, but mistake each other’s actions. Both men have similar interests and they have instant lust between them, they have brief flashes of connection before their insecurities get the better of them and then just as they both open up to each other a terrible accident makes them grab happiness while they can. This is a well written story that has some really hot cyber action which carries over beautifully into the real world. It has two great characters who are both insecure and perfect for each other and make a really hot couple.

I will recommend this to those who love characters that fumble with life, some hot action with a Chocolate Mousse Mountain, opening your heart and a very happy ending.