Cowboy's Challenge - Susan Laine 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series but can be read as a stand-alone. Simon has recently become guardian to his brothers’ children Dale and Allie, but juggling the children’s needs with his work on his horse ranch is becoming harder to cope and with his friend May recommends a nanny. Tristan is a manny and he loves his job, dealing with the Westford family should be just routine but he clashes with Simon quite often with their opposing views. Their attraction won’t be denied and a deal is struck, but they start to become close as they face what life throws at them. Simon’s mother is dying and Dale and Allie’s maternal grandparents threaten to sue for custody, Tristan and Simon must pull together as a family to keep their family together.

This story is a great sexy rancher novella with cute kids and a sexy manny. Simon needs help with his brothers children, it’s bad enough that his brother died but the children’s mother has become unstable and unable to look after the kids. Enter Tristan the manny, who realises it isn’t only the children who need help. As Tristan and Simon become close and enjoying their secret relationship, Tristan becomes a rock that Simon didn’t know he needed, they become a family that they have to fight for and coming out of the closet isn’t the hardest thing to do.

I really enjoyed this story and its development. The relationship between Simon and Tristan doesn’t happen overnight and when it does start it’s hot and explosive, they keep it on the quiet and then everything happens all at once, Simon’s mother doesn’t have long to live and then there’s the custody threat. Tristan is a brilliant character and he clashes with Simon at times but only when Tristan thinks he is right. Simon is more ridged in his thinking and Tristan smooth’s down his rough edges. They make a very interesting couple and make great parents and you root for them to vanquish the threats against them.

I will recommend this to those who love cowboys, mannys, family stories, compromise, finding love, hot sex and a very happy ending.