Dorian's Worlds - Allen Mack 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Mother is about to be voluntary entombed now that she has reached the age of parting, she reads from the Book of Dorian of how our world came about and the courage and bravery of one man who refused to be satisfied with his class status.

This is an interesting futuristic story, telling the story of how a new world and their customs came about. Dorian is increasingly unhappy with the way the world works, all young are born into servitude every single one of them trained to serve the Eldest in any way until, if they are lucky, they reach the age of Elders themselves. But Elders very rarely die, organs are harvested to keep them going and the Seniors and Elders believe it is their right. Dorian rebels briefly and is sent to prison to learn the errors of his ways, in prison he meets like-minded people and a kernel of an idea takes root.

I quite enjoyed this story, it starts out on Doriana and the ritual of Parting, we then flashback to Dorian’s time and it tells the story of how Dorian began his rebellion. The descriptions and the world we find ourselves in is vastly different from the world we know now, and the phrase ‘respect your elders’ hits very close to the bone. Dorian teams up with Bryn and Lasa and finds joy briefly in Bryn’s arms, sneaking about and risking prison if caught. I was fascinated with what Earth had become and how the Elders enforced their rule, it was also interesting to see how the enforced rules on Earth affected how Doriana’s rules and customs were set up. This isn’t the usual expected m/m, sexuality is fluid and we don’t get the happily ever after that you first expect, what we get is a homage to the person who set a class free and his memory lives in the people on that world, never to be forgotten and the sacrifices remembered.

I will recommend this to those who love futuristic, science fiction, rebellion against unfair rule, some hot sex, a new beginning, a touch of sadness and an interesting storyline.