The Superior Jewel - Hurri Cosmo 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Review

Ryan briefly met a man who rescued him in his time of need, since then he has been plagued by the attraction he felt to the mystery man, as Ryan has never been attracted to a man before. Bumping into the man again while he is on a ‘date’ with his ex-girlfriend, Cheyenne, on the Superior Jewel sends him further into confusion as his attraction is as strong as ever, but why would the sexy man be interested in him when Cheyenne is pulling out all the stops to grab the man’s attention. Jansen hasn’t been able to get the sexy man he rescued off his mind, spotting him again on a lake cruise gives him the opportunity to get what he wants, but first he has to deal with the seductive Cheyenne first.

This is a brilliant ‘gay for you’ story where the sexy playboy discovers he has a heart that wants just one man. Ryan is such a sweet character, he is thoughtful, polite and unassuming, and discovering that he is attracted to a man confused him, especially such a successful man like Jansen who he has no hope of getting. Jansen is a confident playboy, just one chance meeting with Ryan stuck in his head, Jansen is sure that Ryan would be fun, but spending even a short time with the man convinces him that he wants Ryan for keeps. Cheyenne is a woman who is manipulative and conniving, she pulls out all the stops to get Jansen’s attention never realising who Jansen’s prey really is.

I thought this story was brilliant, Ryan, Jansen and Cheyenne certainly make for entertaining reading. Although this story is set over the period of just one night, it does have a flashback to two months earlier when Jansen and Ryan first met, and Jansen becomes ensnared by Ryan’s charm very quickly it doesn’t seem quick, because Jansen watches Ryan from afar seeing him interact with others and how Ryan handles Cheyenne’s behaviour. Ryan is infatuated by Jansen, but we don’t get his clear feelings at the end, we just get Jansen’s determination never to let a jewel like Ryan go.

I did really enjoy this story and really, really enjoyed watching Jansen let Cheyenne dig herself a huge hole, Ryan is an absolute sweetheart and Jansen is like watching a shark circle waiting for blood. The sex between Jansen and Ryan is scorching, the possessiveness that Jansen shows is a huge turn on and Ryan’s slight submission is hot. The ending to this story is a happy for now one, but you can tell that they will be blissfully happy together.

I will recommend this to those that love gay for you stories, great characters, a bitch getting her comeuppance, a sweet man getting what he really deserves and a playboy losing his heart… oh and the really hot sex.