If You Run From Me - Edward Kendrick 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Randolph fled from the man he loves when an old adversary crawled out of the woodwork, thinking that if he disappeared his husband and son would be safe. Now, two years later, his adversary has upped his game and is targeting Leland and Grady as a way to get Randolph back to the city. Leland and Grady have continued with their lives’ in Randolph’s absence, their doctors practice is flourishing, and then their new receptionist Jeremy convinces Grady to help out at the local shelter for street kids. But then Grady is targeted by a stalker and Randolph calls in favours to protect the ones he loves. Can Randolph take down his adversary before he loses his family?

This is an interesting story of a man turning his back on his family to protect them from danger. Leland and Grady never knew the real reason behind Randolph’s disappearance and now two years later it has come back to haunt them. Randolph thought his family would be safe with him gone, but he is now being proven wrong and it is a race to keep them safe. Grady flirts with the pretty private investigator, Megan, who is assigned to keep them safe and Randolph and Leland have to see if their love has survived the two-year separation.

We enter this story with the everyday life of Leland and Grady as they manage their pediatric practice, they hire Jeremy who in turn introduces them to a shelter for street kids. They have no idea they are the targets of a killer who wants Randolph dead. The mystery surrounding Randolph’s disappearance is cleared up for us quite quickly, so we aren’t left in suspense too long. Jeremy puts together the pieces of the vandalism and phone call and damn but [a:Edward Kendrick|4541493|Edward Kendrick|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1367961456p2/4541493.jpg] is mean for what he does next.

This is more a mystery/suspense than a romance and although there are a couple of kisses both m/m and m/f that is the extent of the sexual contact, the mystery is good but I did question what was the point of Randolph disappearing to save his family in the first place, when everything that happen could have easily been put to rest two years earlier if he had just stayed and confronted his adversary. It’s still a good story and I did enjoy it, I just found it pointless for Randolph to have run off.

I will recommend this to those that love mystery, suspense, reuniting love, finding love, danger and a happy ending.