Winter Frost - A.J. Llewellyn, D.J. Manly 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Kieran, Jubilee, Sean and Nicholas team up again tackling case with the US Marshals, a serial killer is traveling to Mexico to kill prostitutes but the case is far from simple. Protecting a witness proves harder than it should and transporting a criminal is filled with danger as he becomes a target for murder. On the home front tensions are high when Juan’s adoption comes to a screeching halt and someone sets out to take Juan away from Kieran and Jubilee.

This is a great story as tensions run high and friendships are tested and relationships are strained. Kieran and Jubilee are put through the wringer as their hope of adopting Juan is crushed, they have to deal with the pressure of work and choices have to be made as their relationship is tested by stress. Sean and Nicholas are progressing nicely with their relationship although there are a couple of tense moments, Sean is still dealing with the emotional distress of being kidnapped and poisoned ([b:Autumn Breeze|17728029|Autumn Breeze (Orgasmic Texas Dawn, #6)|A.J. Llewellyn||24798986]) and Nicholas faces mutilation when he is caught in a trap.

This story has personal conflicts and trust is bruised, there are exciting cases and the revelation of yet another mole in the Marshal Service, these guys just can’t win can they. I really enjoyed this story because it actually caused me to feel conflicted about my favourite US Marshals, on one hand I felt sympathy, but, I also felt that they over-reacted and I felt so sorry for the one who was caught in the middle when he was torn between his family and his friends. Oh, was that vague? *snigger*.

Nicholas and Sean are the main focus again with Kieran and Jubilee more in the background, we have so much scorching sex from Sean and Nicholas that I was beginning to think I was reading porn *wipes brow*. The Marshal Service comes into its own as we spend more time with the guys at the office, but don’t think there is less cases or action because we still get plenty of both with daring escapes and near misses that we have come to know these guys for. There is a quandary coming up though and I am sad to think we might lose some of the hot Marshals, let us hope Texas pulls its head out of its arse and quickly approves gay adoption.

I have to recommend this to those who love great series, hot sexy men, danger, doubts and betrayal, hot sex, deep love and an ending that has you gritting your teeth.