Delsyn's Blues  - Lou Sylvre 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This book is part of a series and must be read in order Sonny is devastated over the loss of a loved one and sends Luki away. When Luki returns he has to battle with Sonny until he gives into his grief. Problems start to come up so taking a friend’s advice they take a short holiday where everything starts to fall apart and Luki finds it hard to even look at Sonny. Until things finally start to come together in his head.

Okay, the opening scene in this book broke my heart and I have to say kept affecting me throughout the entire book. Sonny has so much to cope with his guilt, his grief, his murderous rage and his love. With Luki by his side, he just might be able to cope with it all… until he nearly looses Luki. Luki is trying to support Sonny, while facing that he has changed. He isn’t the same person that he was before Sonny came into his life. Now he has a mystery to solve and he has to face the answers he discovers. But, even that doesn’t scare him as much as fearing he isn’t enough for Sonny and never will be.

This has to be one of only a few books that have tempted me to skip forward just to find out if what I suspect is true. It was really hard not to give in and cheat but I held off and it was well worth the wait. This is a complicated book to try to explain as you have the mystery of who, what and why, you have Sonny’s grief, guilt and loss, you have Luki’s doubts, fears and anger, there is action, suspense, heartbreak, fear, anger, romance, love, hot sex, some really touching scenes and somebody out to get them or to get something they have.

We find out more about Sonny’s past and some of it isn’t nice.But, it has molded him into the man he is now. There are also some truly romantic scenes between Luki and Sonny and not all of them lead to sex. The action scenes are well written and not over the top and the end action scene was really well executed and Luki’s fears were well-tended and brilliantly written.

A truly compelling story to read; it will have you gripped from the start and it will affect your emotions. So I have to recommend this to everyone, because it really does have something for everyone.