Soul Mate - Shawn Bailey 3 - 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Edna loves her son to bits but he still lives at home and is shy, so she takes matters into her own hands and places an ad for a soul mate for her son Jovan. Gemma adores her son Galen, but he is a worrywart and tries to look after his parents constantly, when she sees an ad placed by another mother she answers in the hopes of distracting Galen and finding a bit of space. When Galen and Jovan met the sparks are instant and the pair click, but Galen’s own penchant for shiny cars and a conniving ex-lover nearly ruins their perfect match.

This is a great little cutesy story of opposites attracting and interfering mothers. Jovan is shy, hardworking and has few really good friends and he still lives with his parents, he doesn’t want to leave them alone and he quite likes having his mom look after him. Galen is successful, energetic, high maintenance and loves looking after his parents, he cooks for them and cleans and visits them every day. When Galen and Jovan meet they are perfect together, Galen has someone to look after and share things with and Jovan has someone to look after him and spend lots of time with, their parents are ecstatic that their boys have found the perfect partner but Galen’s ex-lover turning up nearly wrecks what Galen and Jovan are building together.

I did enjoy this story, Galen and Jovan’s instant attraction to each other was hot and both their parents are wonderful if a little interfering. Although the storyline moves quite quickly it’s a simple boy meets boy, boy falls for boy and begins to have a happy ever after when boys ex turns up trying to tempt boy with shiny toys, boy does something stupid and learns his lesson. Both Jovan and Galen are excellent characters, with their love for their parents shining through and the rapid development of their relationship was actually perfect for them, their sex life is very hot and Galen really does like to switch it up.

I will recommend this to those who love soul mates meeting, hot sex, making mistakes, forgiving the one you love and a nearly perfect happy ending.