A Shot at Forgiveness - Cardeno C. 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Rafi suffered years of torment in school, he thought he had put it all behind him until his tormenter boldly walks up to him a restaurant and acts like they were long lost friends. Dismissing Isaac from his life is harder than Rafi thought because Isaac blithely blasts through his defences. Isaac has no intention of letting Rafi ignore him, he knows his behaviour in school was wrong but there was some good as well, now if he can just get Rafi to forgive him he could have what he has always dreamed of.

This is a great light read that touches on high-school bullying, seeing things in a different light, forgiveness and love. Rafi is a wonderful character, even though he was bullied he came out the other side determined to never be a doormat. Rafi is so dismissive of Isaac that you can’t help but giggle, his internal dialog was funny and his forgiveness of Isaac wasn’t instant or easily won. Isaac is a character that you want to have harsh feelings for, but the thing is he comes across as cute and sweet, blithely ignoring the past as best he can so that he has a chance to win Rafi’s affection.

I really enjoyed this story, the descriptions and scenes had me laughing unexpectedly in places, Rafi is a character that I would love a full length novel about, he was great. Isaac is brilliant too just in a much different way, they were perfect characters together making this a very good story. I loved seeing Isaac remind Rafi of the times that he helped Rafi, of the revelation that Isaac’s behaviour hid his real feelings and that Isaac tried so hard to please Rafi. I absolutely loved that Rafi didn’t fall at Isaac’s feet because he was rich and famous, that he didn’t want anything to do with Isaac, and, although he wanted to hold a grudge he still gave Isaac a chance.

I recommend this to those who want a great short read, giggles and laughs, great characters, hot sex, brilliant descriptions and a great forgiveness story.