Do You See Me Now - Stephani Hecht 3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Dax is a pretty confident man, he is successful in a job he loves in Atlanta and is happy with how he looks, and he is a far cry from the loner who was picked on in school. Lance used to be popular in school but he was shunned after he came out, now he has a coffee shop in Atlanta and is shy. Both man receive an invitation to their high-school reunion, and they both make the choice to face the past.

I liked this cutesy short that was for both characters about putting the past to rest. Dax has walked past the coffee shop to catch a glimpse of Lance for ages now but he still can’t quite work up the courage to ask him out. Lance has crushed on the Goth boy for months, when Goth boy finally walks into his shop Lane is too shy to ask him out. Going to their class reunion is a way for both Lance and Dax to put high-school to rest. Lance is surprised when he sees Goth boy at his high-school reunion and is happy when they hit it off, together they face the bullies.

I did enjoy this story, it was very sweet and the characters were great. Dax and Lance make a great couple, they connect when they actually properly talk to each other and they both realise that they have wanted the same thing for months. Going into the reunion, both men had very similar expectations but different attitudes, Dax was bullied for being openly gay, skinny and quiet and he goes to the reunion to flaunt his new look and his successful career. Lance had been popular but was shunned when he came out, his friends turned their backs on him and now he is going to the reunion to get closure on that time in his life.

Stephani Hecht has done a great job with turning the tables on the bullies when they are adults, most of them showed shame at what they had done when they were younger, while there were only one or two who still had the same attitude. Lance and Dax are great together being sweet and hot at the same time, I really liked that they never let the attitude of others make them bitter. Dax helps Lance gain his confidence when facing his tormentors as well, ah Dax has got a smart mouth on him ;-)

I recommend this to those who love facing the past, hot men connecting, forgiving old school friends, hot sex and a very happy ending.