Noble Magic (Enforcer's Series) - Ravon Silvius 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Kenneth is a mage of noble birth, he has had every opportunity and is studying at the mages collegium. Looking for a piece of steel needed for a project he has to enter the talentless area and meets Thorn, a young inventor, who begins to change his views about the talentless. Thorn is an inventor in his last year of college, when one of his inventions gets away from him and scares a noble mages horse he jumps at the opportunity to discover more about magic. As the two young men become friends they discover a connection between them, but Kenneth’s ignorance of the talentless cause’s problems. But, they also make a chilling discovery that just might cost them their lives if they don’t work together.

This is a great beginning to the Enforcer’s series, of a magi and a talentless who meet by chance and change each other’s lives. Kenneth has been sheltered throughout his life, he was protected from the full impact of the war between magi and talentless and the only talentless he has ever met are servants. Kenneth has lived with his father telling him how dangerous the talentless and their inventions are, but when he meets Thorn he discovers that the talentless are interesting and not always treated fairly. Thorn knows the suffering of the talentless but he is still intrigued by the young magi, he is attracted to Kenneth but their differences come between them until Kenneth is attacked and left for dead.

Noble Magic is a well written story that mixes steampunk for the talentless with magic for the magi. Not only is it a slight romance with danger thrown in, but it also tells of two different classes of people who find a common ground against the odds. Both Kenneth and Thorn are great characters, Kenneth with his slightly proud snobby attitude and Thorn with his down-to-earth welcoming attitude, put them together and you have a couple who will never be boring. I liked how this world was portrayed with the two sides separated by magic, those that have it hold all the power and those that don’t are treated like second class citizens. The magi using magic but not really understanding it and the talentless creating machinery hoping to mimic the advantages that the magi have.

Thorn and Kenneth begin something new in this story, a magi and a talentless working together is completely unheard of. Their relationship is shaky but develops quickly and they are there for each other in times of need. The storyline is good and is just the beginning as they are invited to test for the Enforcer’s, their relationship is just beginning as well so it will be interesting to see how they both cope with their new situation.

I recommend this to those who love steampunk, magic, danger, developing love, an interesting storyline and a happy for now ending.