The Exam - Ravon Silvius 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Thorn and Kenneth are facing a new future together but first they have to get through the Enforcer’s exam, Thorn also has to meet Kenneth’s parents which is a daunting task. Kenneth and Thorn are thrown into their examination tests and have to prove their lifemate bond, with Kenneth’s parents disapproving of Thorn and Kenneth having to make a stand it isn’t easy for Thorn especially when doubts assail him. Can Thorn get through the tests, and does he really want to become an Enforcer and be seen a traitor to his people?

The Exam continues one week after [b:Noble Magic|17860271|Noble Magic (Enforcer's, #1)|Ravon Silvius||25003740] ended and continues with the story of Thorn and Kenneth. Even though Kenneth is filled with confidence about his relationship with Thorn, Thorn is filled with trepidation especially when he meets Kenneth’s parents and faces other magi. Thorn has serious doubts about himself in the story as he is confronted with the reality of his new situation, Kenneth does his best to convince Thorn of his love but it isn’t Kenneth’s love that he doubts, it’s his own ability he questions.

I enjoyed this story with its exciting exam and Thorn’s soul searching, Kenneth’s show of support and the love they have developed. The storyline is focused on two points the exam for the Enforcer’s and Thorn’s dilemma of what choice to make. Thorn faces scorn from Kenneth’s parents and his position is drove home by the talentless servants, and his treatment by the Enforcer examination board. Kenneth does his best but the doubts still pull Thorn down, would he be a traitor if he works with the magi or could he really do some good for his people? These are the thoughts that plague him along with the question of what good would he be against a magic user other than a battery for Kenneth.

I loved how this story didn’t gloss over Thorn’s position or wave a magic wand making him equal to the magi instantly, how Thorn and Kenneth faced the other magi as a united front and didn’t choose the easy answers. Both refusing to be cowed by those older and more experienced than them and how they still managed to capture moments of bliss together, they truly make a wonderful couple. I am looking forward to the next instalment when they are sent on their first assignment.

I recommend this to those who love steampunk, magic, doubts and love, hot sex, confronting doubts and standing up for what is right, explosions, discovering strengths and a happy ending with more to come.