William's House - Amber Kell 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


William is a void born into a very magical family, deciding he needs to get away from the matchmaking slightly overprotective family he buys an old mansion ‘a painted lady’ that needs much love and care. But, the house is on a magical vortex and the council doesn’t want anyone living there and sends Cash to convince William to leave. Cash discovers it isn’t going to be easy though… his magic won’t work on a void and he discovers he is attracted to the beautiful William. When William is ran down by a car Cash has to protect him and all the clues point close to William’s family.

This is a great cute ‘gay for you’ novella that is wonderful for a relaxing night’s read. This really is a delightful story that takes a macho enforcer who loves women and gives him a beautiful man as a soul mate, a beautiful man who is a void, a rarity that will need protection if anyone discovers his secret. Cash and William make great characters and the attraction between them is really hot, the storyline is great with a surprise with the house and the family twist and you really can’t but help enjoy this story.

This really is a great story if you just want a fun light read, William is a touch spoiled, rich and likes things his way. Cash is macho, hot and is used to getting his way and he is straight, very straight until he meets William. Add in secrets and mystery, a powerful family and you have sparks flying with just a touch of danger from a slightly deranged character.

I have to recommend that if you love magic, ‘gay for you’, great characters, an interesting storyline and enjoyable light reads than this is the book to read.