The Company Man (Red Dragon #1) - Becky Black 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Alyn has accepted a job with a trading company now that peace has put him out of a job, being a captain of a merchant ship will be vastly different than being a warship captain, but he is sure it won’t be too hard. Jarvez is a trader and has plans to be the best trader in the company, he just has to prove himself to his family. Alyn is assigned the Red Dragon, a star-ship that has been vastly neglected and abused by the former captain, Jarvez is the new trader for the ship but his main task is to investigate the corruption aboard the ship. When the two men first meet they are both rocked, a blissful hour the night before has come back to smack them both in the face. Their attraction is fierce but mixing business and pleasure is never a good idea and they face four months of space travel with a disgruntled crew and a traitor, and they each fight their attraction to the other.

Alyn and Jarvez are well rounded characters, they both have an idea of what they want from life, Alyn just wants to captain a star-ship and have the respect of his crew and Jarvez wants to be the best trader in the company, working his way to the best trade routes and improving his wealth. Together they have to decide what they truly want when they can no longer ignore their attraction, especially when they are on-board a star-ship whose crew are suspicious of them. When they reach the end of their journey they have new decision’s, for Alyn it’s a choice to stay with a decrepit star-ship and make her glorious again or accept a newer fancier ship, and for Jarvez it’s improve the current trading route or go for easy money with the larger, more choice, routes…. And then there’s the choice of doing it together or apart.

I really did enjoy this science fiction story because we have the relationship between Alyn and Jarvez vying with the storyline of corrupt officers and traitors, they were blended well together and I can’t say which I enjoyed more. Jarvez is a man who wants to prove himself to his family, he wants to go far in the company on his own merit so getting involved with the captain of one of the ships is a mistake he wishes never happened. It is interesting to watch Jarvez fight his consuming need to be with Alyn, he doesn’t always succeed which gives us some explosive passionate scenes. Alyn is much more able to keep his simmering need controlled but make no mistake it is just waiting to be unleashed.

I loved the investigation side of the story, both men not knowing who they can trust but trying to win the crew over anyway. Jarvez trying to discover who the third traitor is from among the officers, while Alyn tries to put the ship and its crew back together. Then, we have the prisoners who are in the background, just waiting for their shot. The writing is good and flows well, nothing happens too fast and there are one or two exciting scenes.

I recommend this to those that love science fiction, traitors, mutiny, investigations, great characters, falling in love in difficult situations, hot explosive sex and an ending that is a new beginning for our two MC’s.