Ravyn's Temptation - Jana Downs 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


This book is part of a series and must be read in order. Tony has always put duty first, his emotions have always been put aside, but now he faces a challenge to keep his emotions under wrap when he is assigned to interrogate Theron over his betrayal. Tony developed feelings for the young prince and it is tearing him apart that Theron is a traitor, being in constant contact with Theron and not being able to get answers is wearing him down. Theron doesn’t know what to do, his men, the Cranes, have been captured by Desmond and they are held over Theron’s head, but betraying his cousin Prince Salvatore isn’t easy. Being labelled a traitor is hard to bear when the man he has come to admire, Tony, is no longer friendly and only wants answers. Both men will have to decide where their trust lies and want their feelings really are for each other when Theron’s God, Sucellos, interferes.

This is a brilliant addition to the Ravyn Warrior’s series, the conclusion with Tony finally finding his mate, but is it the end of the world of Demontia for us? Tony has been the stoic warrior throughout this series, the backbone of the Ravyn’s and now he faces a challenge unlike any other, his torn feelings for a traitor, the man who has betrayed his beloved Prince Salvatore. Theron is also torn, Desmond is holding the lives of his Cranes over his head, but he doesn’t want to betray his cousin and he hates the disappointment he causes in Tony, the Ravyn he is attracted to.

This is a great story with torn emotions and loyalties, passion and love, doubts and reassurances, danger and rescues and an interfering God. This story brings about the conclusion of Salvatore’s war with Desmond with many surprises and twists, and an ending that has you wondering if there will be a spin-off series. Tony and Theron have much to work through before they have their happy ever after, while Tony has a hard time with Theron’s betrayal when he has the full story he can begin to understand what drove Theron. Theron doesn’t know at first if Tony really loves him and he has to crack Tony’s hard shell to find out. In the meantime, in the background, the other Ravyn’s are bringing about the destruction of Desmond’s armies; that is until Desmond pulls off a spell that could mean failure for the Ravyn’s.

The story is well written and you do become involved as Tony makes his choices, Theron does annoy you a little bit with his decisions and you wonder where his backbone is, Tony is brilliant as he works through his feelings. The twists are interesting and the surprises are great, I would love for [a:Jana Downs|5235760|Jana Downs|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1344555696p2/5235760.jpg] to write a book with the interfering God Sucellos as a more prominent figure.

I will recommend this to those that love paranormal world wars, admitting love, forgiveness, twists and surprises, hot passionate sex, brilliant characters and a happy ending.