Misunderstandings (SEALS of Cedar, Colorado Series) - Angel Rothamel 2 - 2 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Dan settled down in small town, Cedar, with the rest of his SEAL team when they all retired, he opened his own garage and life is good, until he receives a phone call saying his dad has just died and he is required at the reading of the will… but Dan’s dad died when he was ten. Dallas is asked by his boss to fly Dan to the will reading and Dallas knows it will be a trying time, he’s tired and dislikes Dan because of the other man’s attitude from the second they met. There is an attraction lingering between the two men but Dan’s misconceptions keep them apart, and just as the two men begin to come to an understanding misunderstanding, and Dan’s new found family cause trouble.

This story had a great premise and the plot wasn’t too bad, but the execution of the romance was a let-down as was some of the unbelievable scenes that played out. The first second that Dan laid eyes on Dallas he made a judgement call and treats Dallas with contempt, Dallas ignores Dan as much as possible but when Dan seems to want to get to know him he decides to give the man a chance. Dan’s new found family are not pleased with the will, and one of them decides to take matters into their own hands when Dan doesn’t do what they want, and now Dallas and Dan have someone gunning for them.

Dallas and Dan’s relationship is far from easy with Dan’s mind set in a certain way, wanting what he wants when he wants it, it causes fiction between Dallas and Dan and they both overreact. They are a passionate couple, but some scenes between them were just over the top with emotions running high and over exaggerated. The danger that they face was a great idea but it never quite fit properly, always seeming just a bit off. I also found it off putting when Dan’s SEAL friend’s seemed to take over the storyline for a bit, as though setting the foundations for their future stories.

Don’t get me wrong the idea of the story was good, Dan finding out his real father has just died leaving him in charge of his sibling’s trusts, one sibling deciding they want Dan out of the way and plotting accordingly. You also have Dan admitting he made a bad judgement call about Dallas and the two men give into their attraction, danger then follows and both men clash over misunderstanding before admitting their love. But my problem was it was just too much and with over the top reactions and unbelievable actions.

I will recommend this to those who adore ex-SEAL’s settling down and finding love, danger, hot sex, pulling together in friendship and family and a very happy ending.