When Darkness Falls - K.C. Grim 2 - 2 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews


Jet is a Shadow Chaser who works with a group of Vampires in security, but Jet’s bed habits land him in trouble when he takes one lover too many and he is betrayed by his best friend and sometime lover, Roderick, and a disgruntled Governor. Finding himself rescued by a human, Holton, in the Arctic Circle Jet finds himself in a position he has never been in before, trapped by the endless sun and falling for a human.

This short story wasn’t too bad but just too short and lacking in detail to be truly enjoyed, it would have been much more suitable as a novella giving us, the reader, the chance to savour the storyline. Jet is a man who hops from bed to bed, and then one day he goes too far, his punishment is harsh but with the care of a human he finds something he has never had before, love. Holton has been hurt in the past and begins to trust Jet, but Jet’s past comes back and Holton is forever changed because of jealousy.

I really liked what this story was about and would have really enjoyed it if there were much more details, like more of Holton’s background and more of the interaction between Holton and Jet. I would have liked more depth to the story and a reason why Roderick suddenly popped up again, why he snatched Holton and why Holton acted like he did and did what he did. We were given no explanations for why Roderick betrayed Jet other than jealousy, but that wouldn’t have explained why the rest of the team turned on Jet. There was so much potential with this story from the paranormal aspects to the relationship between Holton and Jet, and then the final betrayal by Roderick… there was just so much missing for it to be fully enjoyed.

I will recommend this to those who like short stories with huge potential, finding love in unexpected places, danger, a twist and a happy ending.