All The King's Men - R.J. Scott 4 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Review of 2nd Edition 2013

Ryan and Nathan parted ways two months ago when Nathan’s ambitions took him to LA, now Ryan has decided to fight for their relationship not wanting to lose the man he loves. Traveling to LA to try for a second chance, he walks into destruction when an earthquake hits and he becomes Nathan’s only chance of survival. It’s a race against time to rescue Nathan and to flee the hills of LA as after tremors hit and a fire races after them, the life and death race puts their feelings into perspective and now they just have to survive to share their love.

[a:R.J. Scott|3432558|R.J. Scott|] takes a natural occurrence and turns it into the stuff of nightmares, she takes our fears and brings them to life while twining a love story with terror and determination to survive. Ryan was insecure and jealous in his relationship with Nathan, so when Nathan decided to follow his dream of acting Ryan let him go thinking it was the start of the end. Nathan wanted Ryan to fight for their relationship even though he knew that Ryan wouldn’t fight for them, he still loves Ryan but their only hope of ever being together is if Ryan tries. Ryan has missed Nathan and wants to make a go of it, but just before he reaches Nathan the earthquake strikes.

This is an incredibly descriptive story, not just in the stark and horrifying settings but of the emotional trauma and feelings that the characters have. We are dragged through the entire book with the sense of hopeless loss with just a glimmer of light to shine our way; the knowledge that Ryan and Nathan will become stronger for their experience at the hands of Mother Nature. Ryan and Nathan are just a couple who have lost their way, letting stupid insignificant things come between them until one of them makes the first step towards reconciliation. They have to work together, they have to have determination and they have to make sacrifices.

Focusing on any one thing in this story is hard to do because to focus on one aspect would diminish the effects of the other, Ryan and Nathan’s relationship might be important and they are trying to sort it out, but they have love and Mother Nature shows them that petty differences are just that, petty. The earthquake angle is shocking and devastating and [a:R.J. Scott|3432558|R.J. Scott|] drops us into the centre of a hell hole with her horrifying descriptions and terrifying feelings, damn she does it so well that you could imagine she has experienced it first-hand, that’s how terrifyingly realistic the settings come across.

I will recommend this to those who love realistic settings and emotions, love and drama, death and hope, danger and rescues and finally a relationship being forged in the fires of hell.