Fissures - D.J. Manly 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This book is part of a series and must be read in order. Pascal and London are digging deep to pull together the Vampire, Werewolves and humans to prevent the splintering of Spectrum, but they seem to be fighting a losing battle when the violence seems to be getting worse. When London is taken and tortured by the rebel vampires, Pascal thinks it’s all over but just as Pascal is about to exact his revenge London rises. Now Pascal has London back, but London has no memory of them being together. They have bigger problems to face though, Spectrum is facing all-out war and Pascal and London must protect the innocent, now they just need to convince the werewolves to join them of face losing Spectrum for good.

This is a great addition to the Spectrum Skies series with tension between the races and the unknown of Pascal’s and London’s relationship. Pascal and London are still deeply in love struggling to find snatched moments together while Spectrum goes to hell, but when Pascal’s enemies try to destroy that love by taking London they discover Pascal isn’t a tame vampire at all. Fighting for his love and to keep the peace Pascal will do anything for London even if it means giving him up.

The situation in Spectrum is heading for war, no longer are some species happy to live in harmony. Some humans want control over the paranormals, some vampires want to dominate Spectrum and some demons are looking for free reign from the underworld and caught in the middle are London and Pascal with their band of officers.

I loved how this story was developed with London becoming something different but his personality reverting back to how we first met him, Pascal being heartbroken but refusing to give up and both of them facing the possibility that the Spectrum that they have always know being lost to them. We discover just who has been creating all the trouble in Spectrum, we have a standoff, loss and destruction and the determination of a vampire to win back the man he loves.

I will recommend this to those that love paranormal conflicts, twists, loss, love, vampires on the brink of war, dealing with demons and a happy for now ending.