The Thirteenth Shard - J.L. O'Faolain 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This story is part of a series and must be read in order. Section Thirteen is back and they have their hands full when an enemy from the past rears their ugly head. When a witch is murdered in a mundane way Cole and James Corhagen are requested to assist in the hunt for the murderers, the odd clues lead them to a trap and Joss and the rest of Section Thirteen are called in to help. Facing down old adversary and the witch killers leads to new revelations. Cole struggles to deal with the now friendlier James, struggling to keep a handle on the still simmering attraction between them.

Oh my God Cole, what the hell are you doing Sidhe? So we have a new instalment of the Section Thirteen Case Files filled with danger, surprises, twists and old enemies. Cole and Joss are moving forwards in their relationship with Joss being to be a bit more open and relaxed more with Cole, James *scowl* suddenly becomes friendlier with Cole and makes a confession. On the work front Joss and Cole are called by Rainette who is worried about a witch friend and it leads to Cole and James being assigned to help look for the witch’s murderer, all the Section group are called in when they spot three wanted half-fae and it leads to a confrontation where secrets are revealed.

So, we have a lot going on in this book and we revisit some old friends including the wood goblins and Robyn (Little Red Riding Hood), the police station takes another beating, James seems to be crawling out of the closet and a startling revelation is made, oh and let’s not forget the orgy that Joss and Cole start in the middle of a fae bar. This is a great story that moves along at a smooth pace, there are moments when you can only recoil in horror at what Cole is about to do *Cole, no, you’re smarter than that!!* and you want to grab him and shake him, with James you want to laugh in his face and say ‘it’s too late’ and with Joss you want to stare at him in awe and go ‘oooohhhhhh’. The action and fights are impressive, the characters are brilliant and the storyline is cool, the new development that emerges near the end of the book has me desperate to see what happens next with both Joss and Cole.

I have to recommend this to those that love urban fantasy, danger, brilliant fights, traps and escapes, closure of an old storyline and a new one emerging, hot sex, new twists, betrayal and an ending where you wonder what Cole will do next.