The Alpha's Ardor (Wolves of Flathead, #1) - Rebecca Brochu 3 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Declan and his twin Lachlan are wolf shifters on the run, from other shifters and from human hunters managing to stay one step ahead of both groups until the day they are separated and Declan runs on to Flathead land. Flathead alpha, Law, is intrigued by the sexy shifter that is chased onto his land, he offers sanctuary for the persecuted shifter, but trust is hard for Declan and he wonders what payment is expected of him. Their attraction to each other blurs the lines and Declan doesn’t know what to do and there is no way he will lead his brother to danger.

This is quite a good shifter story where alphas control their land with an iron fist and a young shifter is persecuted for something he had no control over. Declan and his brother Lachlan have not had a peaceful life so when Declan stumbles across an alpha who seems to sympathise, he doesn’t know if he can really trust him, and his attraction to Law distracts him, but he won’t chance his brothers safety in case it is a trap. Law is attracted to the young shifter who is chased onto his land, he understands that Declan had no control over what happened when he was younger and would like nothing better than to have Declan and his brother settle down in his pack.

I really liked how this story was written with Declan being suspicious and expecting the worst, the way that Law is patient and gentle with Declan and the way that they both take their time getting to know each other before they commit to a relationship. The story is quite simple, two brothers all alone in the world persecuted for something they had no control over and now unwilling to trust and an alpha who desperately wants that trust. The story is well written and the characters are good, we seem to be getting the basics in ready for the next book as well for Trace (Law’s brother and beta) and Lachlan. I do wish that there had been more detailed background of Declan and Lachlan’s time in captivity rather than the broad overview we got, I would have also liked to discover more about Law and the type of man he is, rather than just Declan’s view of him, we know that he was nice to Declan and that people seemed to respect him but that was really it.

I will recommend this to those who love paranormal, shifters, some sweet hot sex, an interesting storyline and a happy ending that paves the way for the next story.