Opposites - T.M.  Smith 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Aiyan and his twin sister Aiya are both nervous to be meeting their matches, strangers picked out for them by their parents to be their spouses, but Aiyan has nothing to worry about from the second he sets eyes on Kaden. Aiya has a harder time when she meets Maeve, her intended, because her eyes keep straying to Sawyer, Kaden’s adopted brother. Living in a world where being gay or lesbian is the norm and being straight leads to you being Outkast, Aiya is caught between doing what is expected and what she longs for.

This is quite an interesting story of a future society who goes back to basics and also makes homosexuality the norm. Aiyan, Kaden, Aiya and Maeve are the main couples in this story and while Aiyan and Kaden have a perfect match Aiya and Maeve have to work at theirs, it doesn’t help that neither woman is attracted to the other or that Aiya’s eye keeps straying to a man. But, that is the least of their worries when a jealous servant causes trouble and a group of Outkast’s seek revenge on the ruling Houses.

There are many people who play a part in this story and who’s relationships we follow, Aiyan, Aiya, Kaden, Maeve, Raven, Tanis, Sawyer and Autumn along with their parents. It does get confusing at times as to who is doing what and who is speaking because the perspective changes very quickly with no warning, but you get used to the writing style and manage to keep up. There are some beautiful details that explain the history and culture and we get a lot of background details as to how the world now works. The actual storyline is interesting and keeps you reading as you want to know how it is going to be resolved, but then bam something new happens and takes it in a new exciting direction. There is some explosive sex with an array of couples, ranging from erotic M/M to sensual F/F to tender M/F, there is definitely something for everyone in this book.

I will recommend this to those who love a futuristic Earth, same sex societies, hot sex, great characters, a good storyline, danger, kidnapping, rescues and plenty of hot loving.