Embracing Need (Wild R Farm, #3) - Silvia Violet 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This book is part of a series and is best read in order. After being hurt in the past Tristan no longer believes in relationships, he believes in hot hook-ups and one-night stands to keep him satisfied and he can’t resist flirting with Wes and tempting the straight man. Wesley is looking for something serious, he never thought it would be with a man, a man he has tried to ignore for the last few months. When a member of Tristan’s herd goes missing he calls Wes to investigate, Tristan keeps up his flirting nature until Wes calls his bluff. As they search for the missing woman Tristan struggles with his feelings and Wes has to show Tristan he sees beneath the abrasive façade.

This is a great addition to the Wild R Farm series bringing Tristan’s story to us and showing us the insecure man beneath the confident, flirtatious exterior. Tristan has been trying to tempt Wes with his constant flirting for months, but when Wes calls his bluff he doesn’t know what he wants to do because Wes just isn’t one-night stand material. Wes has never been tempted by a man before, he has always been attracted to women, but Tristan just pushes his buttons, now he just needs to convince Tristan of Tristan’s own worth.

I really enjoyed this story because of the turmoil that Tristan goes through as he tries to make sense of what he truly feels. Tristan was hurt deeply by his first love and it has moulded how Tristan now acts towards men, when Wes calls his bluff he is left reeling. Wes can see the true Tristan and he wants that man, convincing Tristan is hard though especially when Tristan keeps running. The investigation that they both work on takes a harsh turn when they think they have found the location of the missing woman and they need the help of their friends to get back out alive.

This is a really well written story that combines danger and love really well, we see depths to Tristan that scares him and we see Wes accept his love for Tristan. I really liked how their relationship developed in this story and Tristan’s reaction to his newly discovered feelings for Wes, with Wes you see that he may have struggled at first with how he felt for Tristan, but he embraces it when he can no longer deny it to himself. They are brilliant together and Wes has to be patient as Tristan struggles with how he feels, because of that painful struggle you, at times, want to beat the crap out of the person who shattered Tristan so much.

I recommend this to those who love cowboys, private investigators, danger, discovering your own worth, accepting love, hot sex, difficult times and a very happy ending.