Past Tense - Ethan Stone 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Jason has been on the run for years, ever since he lost everything that ever meant anything to him. Having settled in Las Vegas for the last couple of months he is surprised to learn that the very man (Damos) who wants him dead is in Vegas under another name, but Jason is sick of running and decides that his running days are over. Quinn is a private detective who lost his lover the year before, now he hides from life taking pleasure in being a thorn in the side of the man responsible for his lover’s death. Quinn takes Jason’s case with no clear plans on what to do, but Damos forces them to act.

Paranormal meets private investigator and crime boss, a great combination that gives us an interesting story. Quinn is still not over the loss of his lover, Liam, so when his spitting image walks through his door he knows that whatever the case is he will take it. Jason just wants a peaceful life without having to look over his shoulder, he will do anything to have a fresh start, but he makes new discoveries when Quinn takes him to the ranch. Quinn and Jason both have to discover just what it is they want from each other as they grow closer, they face dangers untold when someone betrays them but getting to the bottom of what they feel for each other is nearly as difficult.

I really enjoyed this story and as usual because I rarely read the blurbs or the genre assigned (what can I say, I love surprises) I got the delightful twist halfway through the book that added a dark thrill to the main storyline. The story is wonderfully written with the unsureness of both MC’s feelings, does Jason really want Quinn or does he want him because he feels he has to? With Quinn we have to wonder if he really and truly wants Jason for himself or because he looks so much like Liam? Both these questions are answered quite plainly late on and thankfully Quinn is much more sensible than Jason, he makes Jason wait before giving in to sex (hot passionate sex).

The paranormal twist is great, I really enjoyed discovering, along with Jason, the paranormal world and the evil that hides there. The way that the storyline twists the crime boss and the paranormal world together was really well done and the way that surprises came out was good. I can’t help but want more from Quinn and Jason now that everything has been revealed, imagine the cases they could work together.

I have to recommend this to those that love difficult beginnings, finding new love, paranormal twists, hot sex, great characters and a great storyline.