Saved by Surrender (Marked 4) - Jana Downs 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This book is part of a series and is best read in order. As a beta for the pack Regan is expected to be Dominant wolf and Regan wants that, his wolf on the other hand wants to submit as well which is strictly forbidden and even though Regan does love the kiss of a whip it’s a side of himself he has to deny, a wolf can be Dominant or submissive but never both. Titus is an Omega and an admitted switch, he is on Blackfoot pack lands to investigate a neighbouring pack so meeting his mate is a surprise, but the bigger surprise is how his mate reacts. Titus has to decide if he can deal with the unsureness of his mate. Regan has to make hard choices because his wolf is rebelling, being at odds with his wolf is hard but losing his place in the pack could be harder. Regan and Titus have to work out their relationship and quick because Regan could lose more than just his mate.

This is a great story showing the angst and turmoil of a wolf pulled between his nature and pack rules. Regan is being pulled apart by denying part of his wolf nature but what his wolf wants is forbidden, the rules are simple, a beta is a Dominant wolf and a wolf can’t be Dominant and submissive but Regan is all those things. When Regan meets his mate, Titus, he is tested beyond his control. Titus is an Omega so him being both Dominant and submissive isn’t unknown but it is kept secret by the Circle, when he meets Regan he tries to explain to him that they can work everything out but it takes a near call for Regan to come around.

Both the main characters, Titus and Regan, are excellent in this story, they are doing something that is different in the shifter world. If you have read the previous books then you know it is a very rigid world, there are rules for nearly everything and the shifters have a very fixed mind as to what wolves go where in the pack and this is where Regan and Titus blur the lines. They make an explosive couple and Titus is a huge support as Regan struggles with what to do and Regan really does struggle, you get the full impact of his internal struggle and his pure relief when he finally accepts himself for a switch. The sex and BDSM between them is beautifully done and both characters make incredible Dominates and submissive’s.

I recommend this to those who love BDSM, hot sex, even hotter characters, a great story line of an internally conflicted shifter and a very hot, sexy ending.