Wolf vs Bat - Patrick Wendling-Markwell 3 1/2 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

This book is part of a series and can be read in any order. Riley became King of the Wolf Shifters four years ago, now he is coming to the rescue of the Bat Kingdom when he rescues their prince, Anghel, unable to rescue the King, Queen and heir to the Throne Anghel is now the leader of the Bat Shifters and as Riley discovers his mate as well. Anghel is devastated over the loss of his parents and sister, he never expected to take over the Throne but meeting his mate Riley eases some of his pain. Bringing their two Kingdoms together is going to cause waves throughout the shifter world that will have long reaching effects as Mother Nature begins to put her ultimate plan into play.

This is an extremely erotic story that will give you a great sex fix while giving you an interesting shifter story. Riley has been King for four years so when Anghel unexpectedly becomes King to his own Kingdom he helps him out, but more importantly they are mates. Riley isn’t sure he wants to mate yet though, but it isn’t long before he realises his procrastinating is causing Anghel pain and he accepts that Mother Nature knows what she is doing. Anghel is a Dominate and he quickly realises that his Alpha wolf is a submissive in bed, they have a perfect connection between them. Mother Nature has plans for the Kings and as they mate before her she sets her plan in motion.

This story is set 20 years before Serpent vs Serpent, introducing us to Riley and Anghel and the difficulties they faced as they merged their Kingdoms. Riley and Anghel are great characters, they have a fantastic explosive chemistry between them and they really set the pages alight. We also get treated to some very explicit graphic sexual scenes between Riley, Anghel, Geza (Riley’s twin brother) and Gabi (Anghel’s younger brother) along with some very interesting sexual scenes between Taylor (Horse Crown Prince) and Robert (Tiger Crown Prince).

I recommend this to those who love highly sexual shifters, explicit erotic explosive sex, the beginning of Mother Nature’s plans and a very happy ending.