A Gentleman's Gentleman - Shawn Bailey 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Rock star Channing is getting desperate, his son Dominick has been kicked out of yet another school and there are no more schools to turn to, Virginia (Channing’s sister) comes up with a plan to hire a tutor. Broderick (Brodie) is set to make a new start in America, discovering that he will have three charges instead of just the one he was told about might be a bit more challenging but he thinks he can manage just fine. Channing is swept away from the fist second he lays eyes on Brodie and sets about coaxing the sexy tutor into his bed, Brodie isn’t sure of his feelings though and Channing wonders if he can pursued Brodie to make their family complete.

This is a wonderful family story that warms the heart as you see the perfect family coming together. Channing came out of the closet after his divorce, his ex-wife walked out on him and their children without a backwards glance. But, being a rock star and a parent is a struggle especially when one of your children is viewed as Satan’s own, taking the chance on an overseas tutor Channing comes to realise that Brodie is a blessing. Brodie embraces his new job in America, and falls hard for the father, but his sexuality confuses him and he doesn’t want to risk the well-being of Dominick, Destin and Drake when he has just started making progress with them.

I enjoyed this light-hearted, feel good family story, the triplets are absolutely gems, each child unique in their own way but oh so loveable. Channing is a wonderful father who is having a bit of a time of it and who finds himself attracted to Brodie, quickly falling in love with the man as he gets to know him better. Brodie sweeps in like Mary Poppins, nothing ruffles his calm and he soon puts the triplets in their place. Falling for their father wasn’t in the plan and he is really sweet as he tries to figure out how he really feels. Addie (Channing’s ex-wife) is an extremely nasty woman and you are actually glad that she left the children in the first place. The writing is pretty good and the relationship was okay, it didn’t quite rock my world though.

I recommend this to those that love family stories, three cute cherubs, a rock star and tutor falling in love and a very happy ending.