Sage Advice - Susan Laine 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Piper is feeling sorry for himself after his dancing dreams ended, he hasn’t even confessed to anyone that his injury is more serious than they first thought. When his best friend Sage arranges a fun night in he thinks it just might cheer him up but a game of Truth or Dare reveals secrets on both Piper’s and Sage’s parts.

This is quite a good friends to lovers’ story for two men who have both suffered career ending injuries. Piper has been moping about since he found out he will no longer be able to dance, he hasn’t been able to face the future yet so hasn’t told anyone. Sage knows there is something bugging his friend so he tries to cheer him up, when he finally gets to the truth he is upset that Piper didn’t trust him and even more upset that Piper didn’t think he would understand. Both men secretly love the other and during a game of Truth and Dare it all comes spilling out.

I did enjoy this short story and you can see the strong connection between the friends even as you can feel the thrumming sexual energy between them. The understanding that Sage feels because of the loss of his own dreams is so practical and just what Piper needs. How they slowly reveal to each other how they really feel was sweet but I will be honest and say after that they moved much too quickly.

I recommend this to those who love friends to lovers, trust, hope for the future, hot sex and a happy ending.