Protection - John Amory 3 1/2 - 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

After Jamie was attacked in a gay bashing he turned to shooting to make himself feel safe, now on the Olympic shooting team after proving adapt with a pistol Jamie is in London. Meeting Ben in a gay bar is a surprise and after talking for a while they return to Jamie’s hotel, Ben has proven to be just what Jamie needed as Jamie still is haunted by his past. One night could just be all it takes to enter a new beginning.

This is a great story that introduces us to Jamie a man with a terrible past. Jamie is a man whose friends don’t know what to make of him, before the Incident he was just like them but afterwards he turned to guns. Guns are his way of coping and being able to shoot has led him to the Olympics’ and London. Ben is a cute twink and meets Jamie in a bar, there is just something that draws him to Jamie and he wants to know what causes the sadness in his eyes.

I really liked this story and the way that it would briefly flick to Jamie’s past, the way that Ben manages to ease something in Jamie and that maybe they have found something that could be built on. It is a brief encounter for both men but they do seem to make a strong connection, we are left wondering if there will be more for the two men or if it is just the one night, but it still leaves us with a sense of hope for the future and with a sense that Jamie’s ghosts are starting to settle.

I recommend this if you love new beginnings, damaged characters rising from the ashes and hope for the future.