Snookered - S. Blaise 4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Neil is just getting a quiet drink when he is invited to play a game of pool, he nearly falls into a trap set by the pool hustler before he swiftly turns the tables. Paul is just pool hustling for fun, inviting the cute Brit to play also seems like fun until he is swiftly beaten and Paul then lays down a new challenge and Neil raises the stakes. But, Paul is a pool shark who always wins and Neil will have to keep his eyes open for tricks before he finds himself snookered.

This was a great short story that I found irresistible. Neil and Paul are two characters that seem to be complete opposites, Neil in his khaki pants and polo shirt and Paul in his blue jeans and a checkered shirt, one a English tourist and the other a small town worker, but for one night they make a connection across a pool table. Paul is trying to hoodwink Neil during a game of pool, but even though Neil isn’t familiar with pool he has been around a table a time or two and isn’t easily hustled.

I really did enjoy the detail in this story especially the detail of the difficulty of switching from snooker to pool for the first time, it isn’t as easy as some may think. There was a slight sexual tension between Neil and Paul and both men seemed to thrive on the challenge between them. Both characters will surprise you when they reveal details about themselves, you have an inkling with Neil but Paul’s really does surprise you. I really liked when Paul followed Neil eventually and gave him a challenge that he was never going to win and all just to get a date from the man.

I will recommend this to those who love challenging characters, a teasing night, the chase and an ending that could lead to so much more.